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Capitanes will participate in the NBA G League Season 2021-22

By Mexico City Capitanes Staff /September 13, 2021

Capitanes will join the NBA G League as the first Latin American team


The Capitán family has endured a long period of time without basketball. We know this hasn’t been easy for our fans, so we want to thank them for the patience and love they have shown during these two years without activity.

As a team, we have the same desire as all of you do: we want to return to basketball and see our team on the court.  We’ve had to consider different options this year, including spending another season without activity.  However, we know that the former is no longer an option. We are excited to participate in the 2021-22 NBA G League season and have worked hard to be aligned with the necessary health and safety guidelines to keep the fans, player, and staff safe.

The decision to participate this season represents a big economic, sport, and social effort for the club. One that we’re willing to undertake I order to compete in the NBA G League.

We'll start our adventure away from our fans, playing only in the USA, away from our fans in order to ensure the safety of players, fans, and all the members of the G League. All of the former, together with the current COVID restrictions on international travel are an important reason why this decision is the responsible route to take.

The situation for this season doesn't change our long-term promise to our fans: we want to represent both Mexican and Latin American sport and its fans and make them proud. We want to write the first chapter in our NBA G League story close to our Capitán family despite the physical distance.

Our intention as a team at this time is to be competitive in our first season. But it is clear in our minds that when the situation permits it, we want to return to Mexico City better than ever. We can’t wait for the moment we return to play at home and with our fans with their atmosphere and show how basketball is played in Mexico.